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COWG Honors Maj Gen John L France - Posted on: Monday, November 23, 2015

Colorado Wing participated as an “escort platoon,” along with the Army and Air National Guard, in the full military honors funeral for retired Maj. Gen. John L. France, the longest-serving adjutant general of Colorado, at Fort Logan National Cemetery. The funeral included an Arlington National Cemetery type walking procession, 13 cannon salute and F-16 flyover in addition to a firing party and Taps.

The order of march for the procession was led by The Adjutant General, Governor and Colorado National Guard (CONG) chaplain, followed by former adjutants general, CONG command staff, including the Colorado CAP Wing Commander Lt. Col Gamache, distinguished visitors and guests, CONG band, CONG color guard, CO Army NG platoon, CO Air NG platoon, CAP platoon, CONG honor guard with the horse drawn caisson bearing Maj Gen Frances’ casket, family, friends and public.

More CAP photos will be posted here. The CONG has posted photos on its Flickr page:…/conationa…/albums/72157660383097082

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Broomfield Composite Squadron Represents COWG at HART Ceremony - Posted on: Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanks to the Civil Air Patrol Broomfield Composite Squadron for representing the Colorado Wing-Civil Air Patrol at the Honoring Allies-Remembering Together (HART) ceremony in Canada this past weekend. On November 17th, 2015: the Broomfield Composite Squadron welcomed home the squadron members that participated in the HART (Honoring Allies, Remembering Together) Ceremony in Canada this past weekend. The cadets and senior members that participated in the ceremony came back with a great deal of stories to tell and inspired their squadron-mates to consider attending the ceremony in years to come. Thanks to the BCS members who represented the squadron, the COWG, state of Colorado and our nation so proudly and professionally.

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CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, KVOR and Fly with COWG - Posted on: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On Saturday, 27JUN15, the Colorado Springs Media came out in numbers to fly with the COWG during our Group III SAREX at Peterson AFB. Aircrews posed for photos withthe various photojournalists fromthe local CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX stations as well as with representatives from KVOR radio and In this photo, KKTV CBS photojournalist Dustin Cuzick(center) poses with Lt Rick Couch (right) and Lt Jen Knellinger (left).  


The Colorado Civil Air Patrol received mega media coverage at the Group III SAREX at Peterson AFB on Saturday, 27JUN15. Here's the FOX21 story that aired that evening about the Colorado Civil Air Patrol and the Group III SAREX reported by FOX21 photojournalist Macy Egeland who flew with us on the GA-8 and interviewed the aircrew and other participants.


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COWG Cadet Squadrons Receive Quality Unit Awards - Posted on: Tuesday, June 9, 2015
Congratulations to the following COWG Cadet Squadrons who earned the Quality Cadet Unit Award for the past year:

Adams County Cadet Squadron
Air Academy Cadet Squadron
Boulder Composite Squadron
Broomfield Composite Squadron
Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron
Dakota Ridge Composite Squadron
Douglas Cadet Squadron
Foothills Cadet Squadron
Mesa Verde Cadet Squadron
Mustang Cadet Squadron
Valkyrie Cadet Squadron
Colorado Wing & RMR "Of the Year" Awards Presented at Wing Conference 02MAY15 - Posted on: Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Congratulations to the following COWG members who were selected for a Wing "Of the Year" Award:

Lt Col William Waite - Incident Staff Member of the Year
Lt Col Jeffrey Williams - Chaplain of the Year
Maj William Blatchley - Brewer Category II (CAP Senior Member)
Maj Karen Dale - Staff Member of the Year
Maj Stefanie Hudgins - Safety Officer of the Year
Maj Gene Munson - Senior Member of the Year
Maj Robert Wray - Public Affairs officer of the Year
Maj Nathan Van Dam - Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year
Capt David Ayers - William F. Hines Air Crew Award
Capt Eva Hailbronner - Property Manager of the Year
Capt David Pershing - Aerospace Education Officer of the Year
Capt Judy Pershing- Professional Development Officer of the Year
Capt Robert Yusko - James G. Alsum Counter Drug Officer of the Year
1st Lt Alfred Anderson - Character Development Instructor of the Year
1st Lt Martin Anderson - Communicator of the Year
C/Col Benjamin Jakeman - Cadet of the Year
C/Col Stephanie Moffitt - Cadet Officer of the Year
C/Lt Col Charles Blome - Brewer category I (CAP Cadet)
C/2d Lt Bailey DeBerry - Drug Demand Reduction Officer of the Year
C/CMSgt Kashawan Crump - Cadet Recruiter of the Year
C/SMSgt Camille Leonard - Cadet NCO of the Year

Congratulations to the following COWG members who were selected for the Rocky Mountain Region "Of the Year" Award:

Lt Col Jeffrey Williams - Squadron Chaplain of the Year
Maj William Blatchley - Brewer Category II (Senior Member)
Maj Robert Wray - Payton Public Affairs Officer of the Year
Maj Nathan Van Dam - Sorenson Cadet Programs Officer of the Year
Capt Eva Hailbronner - Property Manager of the Year
Capt Judy Pershing - Professional Development Officer of the Year
1st Lt Alred Anderson - Character Development Instructor of the Year
C/Col Benjamin Jakeman - Cadet of the Year
C/Lt Col Charles Blome - Brewer Category I (CAP Cadet)

2015 COWG Cadet Competition Held at Peterson AFB 30MAY15 - Posted on: Tuesday, June 9, 2015
CONGRATULATIONS to the 2015 COWG Cadet Competition Teams who demonstrated their skills on Saturday, 30MAY15 at Peterson AFB. Here are the results:

2) Colorado Springs Cadet Squadron
(These top two teams will advance now to the Rocky Mountain Region Competition.)
3) Broomfield Composite Squadron

2015 COWG Cadet Competition Outstanding Cadet:
C/SrA Noah Morgan - Mustang Cadet Squadron 
ABC 7News Coverage of Colorado Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony - Posted on: Friday, February 27, 2015

For those who were unable to attend the Congressional Gold Medal ceremony in Denver at the State Capitol please view the links to the KMGH ABC 7News stories that aired at different times on 20FEB15. The links are posted on the Media and Public Information page and also on the COWG Facebook page.

Colorado Wing Public Information page 
Colorado Wing YouTube
Colorado Wing Facebook page

(L-R) Col. Aceves, Rep. Perlmutter, Maj. Gilmore, Maj.Gen. Edwards

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Want to Join the Civil Air Patrol???
Visit the CAP National web site to learn more and locate a unit near you.

  View videos about the Civil Air Patrol

The Civil Air Patrol is a great way to serve America. Our three primary missions are Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services. CAP is an all-volunteer organization, made up of everyday people with a wide variety of skills.

Federal, state and local authorities rely on the CAP's volunteer pilots and ground personnel to provide search and rescue assistance, disaster relief, homeland security, counter-drug operations support and cadet leadership training. The Colorado Wing of the CAP offers a wide variety of opportunities for citizens from all walks of life to serve Colorado, and America. With nearly 60,000 members nationwide, the CAP is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the country.

The Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, performing "Missions For America". In Colorado, the CAP is headquartered at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs. We operate 35 squadrons throughout the state.
 The COWG squadrons stand ready to
assist those in need. Missions range from search-and-rescue of lost hikers or hunters, location of downed aircraft and transport of emergency personnel or medical materials. When there is a disaster in a Colorado community, the State's CAP squadrons respond by transporting doctors, firefighters or emergency personnel to the areas in need.
Volunteers also perform homeland security, disaster relief, reconnaissance and counter drug missions at the request of federal, state and local agencies.
Our members take a leading role in aerospace education and serve as mentors to the almost 25,000 young people currently participating in CAP cadet programs.  CAP has been performing missions for America
for more than 60 years.
For more information about joining Colorado Wing, click "How Do I Join CAP? on the left menu.  For more information about Civil Air Patrol in general, click CAP National Headquarters.


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COWG Staff Members:
Please login and use the COWG Services or Wing Roster links to find COWG Staff not listed here.
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Commander: Lt Col Celeste Gamache
Vice Commander: Col Greg Cortum
Chief of Staff:

Lt Col Henry Wearsch

Director Of Aerospace Education: Capt Mary E. Cast
Director Of Cadet Programs: Lt Col Gary Falls
Director Of Emergency Services: Maj William O'Connor
Director Of Safety: Maj Stefanie Hudgins
Director Of Operations: Maj Mark Young
Director of Communications:

Maj Gary Oplinger

Director of Public Affairs: Lt Col Mike Daniels
720-261-3880 (Mobile)
Director of Finance: Maj Kristen Nolan 
Finance web page
Wing Administrator: Ian Carman 
719-556-8280 (Wing HQ)
Wing Chaplain: Lt Col Jeff Williams
Wing Inspector General: Lt Col Harvey Siegal
Director of Information Technology:

Capt Rob Duncan

State Division Program Manager: Michael McDonald
USAFA/ROTC Admissions Officer: Lt Col Chris Yakabe (USAFR)

CAP National HQ Contacts
Agencies requesting CAP Mission Support
should contact the CAP National Operations Center (NOC) at 888-211-1812

Colorado Legislative CO-999
State Capitol Bldg, Denver 80203
Meets at State Capitol Building
Commander: State Senator, Lt Col Kent Lambert


Physical Address:
Hangar 133
Peterson AFB CO

Mailing Address:
325 W. Hamilton Ave Bldg 133
Peterson AFB CO
fax 719-556-6186

COWG Annex
Colorado Wing Civil Air Patrol offices 
19210 East Breckenridge Avenue, Stop 33
Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado 80011-9525
Fax: (DEN)720-847-5009


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